William Hill Bets on East Enders

William Hill, the giant UK gambling operator is known for providing its customers with betting opportunities on various topics. It offers them a chance to place bets on numerous sports (football, soccer, tennis, golf and more), the weather and soap operas. The latest betting opportunity that was available through William Hill was related to the episode of East Enders that aired on Christmas.

Players were given a chance to place bets on different characters that are expected to kill Derek Branning. On the Christmas episode, an event caused a great controversy. This event is the death of Derek Branning. Everyone was waiting for it, but much to their surprise, he died normally as a result of a heart attack and not on the hands of one of the characters as predicted.

In order to deal with such controversy, the gambling operator paid out the bets that were placed on Derek Branning being the person responsible for his death since all of the years tough living finally took their toll and killed him. As for people who placed bets on other characters, they got refunded.

Joe Crilly, a Spokesperson for William Hill commented on the subject by saying that Derek Branning has numerous enemies who had the motive to kill him. Nonetheless, it seems that nature decided to give everyone a break as he died as a result of a heart attack that resulted from his stressful and tough life. This is why the company refunded bets while paying out for players who placed bets on Derek Branning.

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