The Best Apps of the Year

Best Apps of 2011The Best Apps of the Year

It’s that time of year again.  The best apps of the year have been judged and now with the Holiday Shopping season in full swing, even apps are getting discounted.  Some of the best apps of the year were related to time management and gaming.  The most popular game of the year is Angry Birds which could be found as an app on any of the mobile carriers apps stores.

App development is now currently moving towards new platforms such as the Ouya and Xbox 360.  Microsoft has recently released new versions of it’s SDK and Ouya has now made their ODK available to the public. Free apps development for these platforms is becoming ever more popular.  The Ouya uses the Gingerbread Android OS where Microsoft is using a properietary SDK, which is for the most part not a completely open source SDK.

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