Poker Now on YouTube

How to Play Poker Youtube VideosPoker Now on YouTube

Poker players and enthusiasts alike can now find the best poker action on YouTube. With recent news of online poker returning to the United States, poker video like pokerstars now has become a hit sensation on YouTube with a gusto of renewed interest.

Poker Tournament Action Videos

Along with some of the best poker tournament action videos, there has also been a wave of new YouTube videos on how to shuffle, how to play poker and how to perform chip tricks.  Chip tricks obviously have no value for the exclusive online poker player, but a number of  pubs in the States still run charity poker and non-gambling poker tournaments.  Here some good online poker videos on youtube Genting Poker

Poker Videos on YouTube

Along with poker videos on YouTube have also appeared a number of card related gaming videos.  Blackjack and online poker are currently leading the pack in the number of videos within the genre of card gaming.  Coming in third is Magic the Gathering videos which still holds a worldwide popularity that has not been matched since it first appeared.


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