Gaming Apps Developers in Uproar About Zynga

Casino GameWith the recent news that Facebook will be doing a complete 180 about their gambling apps, Zynga has expressed interest in entering the casino apps market.  This news has other gaming app developers nervous as Zynga controls a large share of the online gaming market already.  Zynga is already in talks with some of the bigger named casinos in the US as well as casino apps developers from around the world.

Zynga already has a highly popular online poker game and are one of the better known casino apps makers in the gaming industry already.  Zynga games has an exclusive deal with Facebook and thus, will already have an advantage over smaller casino apps developers that have to pay for their advertising.  In the long run, this move could be bad of the online gaming community and especially bad for the gambling community.

More information will be released as Zynga informs the press about their plans for new casino apps.

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