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Fashion Designers that Make Trends

Women's FashionsFashion designers from America are by no doubt, some of the more recognized in modern culture.  Where France used to be the place to go to find out about upcoming trends, the USA is now the most sought after for fashions in the world.  From wedding gowns to women’s shoes, the US has taken over women’s and men’s fashion like no other country has been able to do in the past.

New fashions for the feet are one area where the Americans have tripled their influence according to a recent poll by the National Studies of Domestic and International Trends.  The survey showed that out of the top world designers, the top three were Americans or American companies.  Those top three are featured as Taryn Rose, designer, Dolce Vita and Vera Wang.  These three were notably the most recognizable of the ten listed in the survey.

What are These Social Media Apps All About?

Social MediaWhat are These Social Media Apps All About?

There is a new wave of software technology hitting the internet.  Social Media.  These applications connect people from all across the world to share thoughts, photos, videos and files.  One of the biggest of the Social Media companies to hit the scene is a new service called Facebook.  This service allows you to make new friends and find old ones.  Some of the new buzz words in this trend are social networking and social media.  Several of these new programs like Twitter and Yahoo Chat are making it easier to connect with people through email and messaging systems.