BBC News Reports on Cloud Storage

BBC NewsBBC News Reports on Cloud Storage

According to BBC News and the Associated Presses cloud storage was not only a buzzword for 2011, it had already started becoming a part of daily life for most homes in the UK.  Cloud storage was first created back in the late sixties, well the concept did and then went into a jog in early 2000.  It wasn’t until 2010 and 2011 that cloud storage became a household word.  Now, services such as dedicated servers, managed hosting and co-location servers have become a part of everyday life for those that own any piece of tech that is attached to the web.

With Cloud storage having become such an integral part in the evolution of modern technology, more companies are looking at ways to integrate it into their daily operations.  Several UK companies have already moved to a completely cloud networking platform while others are in the middle of the transfer process.

Cloud storage and cloud computing services are definitely here to stay.  Amazon, Microsoft and other large named cloud storage companies have made it a possibility and now, smaller resellers of those services are also making a profit on the concept.  Cloud storage is a game-changing technology just as cable tv was back in the early 80’s.

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