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The New Face of the Casino Game

Casino GameThe New Face of the Casino Game

The casino game has taken on a new and more popular face around the world lately.  With news that the US will begin to allow online gambling into their borders again and the Italy casino game going smoothly; online gambling is now being seen as the money maker for countries that it is.

More countries in the EU are also working to get their gambling laws in order so that they may introduce or re-introduce online gambling.  Those countries right now are Germany and Spain.  Italy is seeing the most benefit, but Italian citizens had to be reminded recently that they have to pay taxes on their winnings from online gambling.

Bookmakers in the News

bookmakers-mascotBookmakers in the News

The UK is well known for their bookmaking shops on nearly every corner, but recent legislation may make it hard for those bookmakers to operate.  New taxation may be a redirection from lowering tax requirements for UK operations that focus on online gambling operations.  This potential change in the taxation of bookmaking businesses may drive the smaller bookmakers out of business.

Is preferential treatment being given to the larger, online gambling companies?  Absolutely, as those companies produce more jobs.  Some are concerned that a piece of UK history is slowly being phased out and that might very well be the case.  More bookmakers have closed in 2011 than in the past ten years combined.

Bookmakers videos: Bet365 Betting Video

UK Bookmakers

The same services that brick bookmaker operations offer can now be found at online bookmakers.  One of the largest online bookmaking companies is Ladbrokes and they have been seeing a decline in their business at the brick bookmaker aspect of their business.

Live TV Online

Live TVLive TV Online

Google and Sony are partnered up to bring tv watchers a new way to watch live tv online.  The service that was first announced last year has finally come to pass with a mega deal made with Sony.  Basically Sony builds the internet televisions and Google supplies the app content.  Sony also owns hundreds of thousands of movie and television titles which will be part of the service that the two companies have created.  GoogleTV may not be in every house yet, but both Sony and Google are already household names.

TV Content

The service will be able to the US and then the rest of the world later.  Companies like SkyGo which are partnered with Microsoft are already live in the UK and have been so for a number of years.  There are also other companies planning on developing live tv online services as well as content for those devices.