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BBC News Reports on Cloud Storage

BBC NewsBBC News Reports on Cloud Storage

According to BBC News and the Associated Presses cloud storage was not only a buzzword for 2011, it had already started becoming a part of daily life for most homes in the UK.  Cloud storage was first created back in the late sixties, well the concept did and then went into a jog in early 2000.  It wasn’t until 2010 and 2011 that cloud storage became a household word.  Now, services such as dedicated servers, managed hosting and co-location servers have become a part of everyday life for those that own any piece of tech that is attached to the web.

With Cloud storage having become such an integral part in the evolution of modern technology, more companies are looking at ways to integrate it into their daily operations.  Several UK companies have already moved to a completely cloud networking platform while others are in the middle of the transfer process.

Cloud storage and cloud computing services are definitely here to stay.  Amazon, Microsoft and other large named cloud storage companies have made it a possibility and now, smaller resellers of those services are also making a profit on the concept.  Cloud storage is a game-changing technology just as cable tv was back in the early 80’s.

Poker Now on YouTube

How to Play Poker Youtube VideosPoker Now on YouTube

Poker players and enthusiasts alike can now find the best poker action on YouTube. With recent news of online poker returning to the United States, poker video like pokerstars now has become a hit sensation on YouTube with a gusto of renewed interest.

Poker Tournament Action Videos

Along with some of the best poker tournament action videos, there has also been a wave of new YouTube videos on how to shuffle, how to play poker and how to perform chip tricks.  Chip tricks obviously have no value for the exclusive online poker player, but a number of  pubs in the States still run charity poker and non-gambling poker tournaments.  Here some good online poker videos on youtube Genting Poker

Poker Videos on YouTube

Along with poker videos on YouTube have also appeared a number of card related gaming videos.  Blackjack and online poker are currently leading the pack in the number of videos within the genre of card gaming.  Coming in third is Magic the Gathering videos which still holds a worldwide popularity that has not been matched since it first appeared.


UK Italy and France Join the Gaming League

UK Italy and France Join the Gaming League

Online casino gambling in Europe is now being led by these top three nations UK, Italy and France.  Each member of the EU has gotten all of their ducks in a row and have their gambling laws exactly how they need to be to be inline with recent regulation changes from the EU regarding online gambling.  Italy is already seeing a profit from opening up their online casino market from the previously government controlled system.

The UK has been the leader in online casino gaming for some time, but many were curious as to which nations would be within the top three.  There was speculation that Germany and Spain would be within the top three but neither Germany online casinos nor Spain are even in the top ten in terms of profits from online casinos this year.

Italy is quickly becoming one of the most popular nations for the Asian market as many of the Asian countries use Italian online casinos to gamble.  This is giving Italy a very nice edge over some of the other countries that are vying to get into the top three.