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William Hill Bets on East Enders

William Hill, the giant UK gambling operator is known for providing its customers with betting opportunities on various topics. It offers them a chance to place bets on numerous sports (football, soccer, tennis, golf and more), the weather and soap operas. The latest betting opportunity that was available through William Hill was related to the episode of East Enders that aired on Christmas.

Players were given a chance to place bets on different characters that are expected to kill Derek Branning. On the Christmas episode, an event caused a great controversy. This event is the death of Derek Branning. Everyone was waiting for it, but much to their surprise, he died normally as a result of a heart attack and not on the hands of one of the characters as predicted.

In order to deal with such controversy, the gambling operator paid out the bets that were placed on Derek Branning being the person responsible for his death since all of the years tough living finally took their toll and killed him. As for people who placed bets on other characters, they got refunded.

Joe Crilly, a Spokesperson for William Hill commented on the subject by saying that Derek Branning has numerous enemies who had the motive to kill him. Nonetheless, it seems that nature decided to give everyone a break as he died as a result of a heart attack that resulted from his stressful and tough life. This is why the company refunded bets while paying out for players who placed bets on Derek Branning.

Fashion Designers that Make Trends

Women's FashionsFashion designers from America are by no doubt, some of the more recognized in modern culture.  Where France used to be the place to go to find out about upcoming trends, the USA is now the most sought after for fashions in the world.  From wedding gowns to women’s shoes, the US has taken over women’s and men’s fashion like no other country has been able to do in the past.

New fashions for the feet are one area where the Americans have tripled their influence according to a recent poll by the National Studies of Domestic and International Trends.  The survey showed that out of the top world designers, the top three were Americans or American companies.  Those top three are featured as Taryn Rose, designer, Dolce Vita and Vera Wang.  These three were notably the most recognizable of the ten listed in the survey.

Is There Such a Thing as a Best Online Casino?

Casino GameBest Online Casino

The question begs asking.  With so many advertisements popping up on UK television and across the internet, if someone wants the best online casino, which one do they go to and who to believe?  Truly subjective of course, but there are a number of website run by casino and gaming experts that clearly compare the differences between each online casino.  When it comes down to the final ratings, only a few appear across the top 10 lists consistently.

William Hill is one online casino that is at the top of the list for many websites.  Their professional attitude and publicly traded stock gives this company a lot of credibility. Their reputation is as good as any online casino on the market and very few other casinos can match their massive financial backing.

Other casinos that appear on top ten lists vary, but they all have something in common.  That magical thing that each has in common is credibility.  So, when determining the best online casino, look for a company that has a long standing good reputation in the online gambling community.

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