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Bookmakers in the News The UK is well known for their bookmaking shops on nearly every corner, but recent legislation may make it hard for those bookmakers to operate.  New taxation may be a redirection from lowering tax requirements for UK operations that focus on online gambling operations.  This potential change in the taxation of(…)

Live TV Online 0

Live TV Online Google and Sony are partnered up to bring tv watchers a new way to watch live tv online.  The service that was first announced last year has finally come to pass with a mega deal made with Sony.  Basically Sony builds the internet televisions and Google supplies the app content.  Sony also(…)

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Justin TV Sports Justin TV is turning video games into a spectator sport.  Players from countries far and wide are showing their skills by broadcasting games on internet television.  Justin TV Sports video games are one of the most popular games to broadcast, but there is also a huge base of players broadcasting role playing games(…)